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No Comments? I cant believe this…


I cant believe it and I shouldn’t.

A long time I wondered why no one was commenting on any of my posts. Now last week i saw that Akismet (a spam filter) had blocked over 40 comments.

Now i just thought they were actually spam comments but now i am sure they weren’t so i just deleted Akismet and im glad i did.

As you may have seen i use Disqus comment system since i think its really nice also i used Akismet which shouldnt be a problem at all and it wasn’t.

Now of course with plug-ins you get updates so yes i did update Disqus a couple of time and now i just saw that Disqus disabled Akismet for spam protection so thats why Akismet said those comments were spam and i lost all those comments :(

So i want to apologize to everyone that commented before on anything on my site and i hope you will comment again since everything does work properly now. :)

It’s been too long…


I have been away for quit a while but now im back (I hope)

The reason for my absence is pretty easy actually, a new school year started so of course I was pretty nervous.

But the main reason is that I lost all my inspiration, I couldnt think of anything to post anymore I had no more ideas so it was easier to just quit with everything.

Now that im back I hope to get more posting done and give everyone something they want.

There’s not much to tell more I guess?! well I got an Iphone 4 so I hope to start making some videos again but mostly nice photo’s that’s were im aiming for the most :)

I just saw that its been over a month since my last post O.o damn. btw when I was gone I also played allot of Cube 2 Sauerbraten :P

Well, hope no one is hating me for just being gone.

Thank you.

My Grand Theft Auto IV Mods


In the beginning when Gran Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) just got out, I played it just a little bit and then started to make some mods.
the mods I created are pretty simple but i made them anyway since there weren’t much mods in the beginning. I barely knew anything about making mods and changing those files so I couldn’t make anything difficult.

So after more then a year since I created them and since I have my own site now I thought why not just post them here :P

NOTE: that these mods are old but they still work, and I don’t make mods anymore and I don’t care about them anymore. So don’t expect technical support from me if you have problems with them, Google is you best friend.
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