Leslie Nielsen has died.


Today is a really sad day, because one of the best and funniest actor has died today. Leslie Nielsen died Sunday in a Fort Lauderdale hospital.

He was 84. He died of complications from pneumonia, said his publicist David Kramer.

I really think it is sad because as a young kid I was watching his movies, and I enjoyed everyone one of them.

AssociatedPress made a nice little video about him:

Lets hope he is in a better place now.

Rest In Peace, Leslie Nielsen

Soulja Boy is following me on twitter?


I just had a WTF moment when I checked my email and saw that Soulja Boy was following me on twitter.

now i really dont know why he would follow me and for how long, or if this was an accident or not but I think its pretty damn funny :P kinda kewl also i might add.

Xfire sold to Titan Gaming!


If you are on Xfire then you probably just gt this message:

System Broadcast:
Xfire was bought by new owners today. Most of the team that has built Xfire over the last six years is leaving. We enjoyed working for you for the last 127 releases and wish we could stay to create the next 127. Good bye, good luck, and game on. — The Xfire Team

And when you look on the site News you’ll be reading this:

Team Leaving

August 2, 2010–Xfire has been purchased by another company. Most of the team that has brought you Xfire for the last 6 years is leaving, including me. We’ve enjoyed our time and I personally am sad that I was only able to do 127 releases. Good bye and game on!

— Chris

Viacom sold xfire after owning them for 4 years but why would they do that.
So who bought Xfire? and now that the team is leaving will xfire still exist?
I sure hope we get some more information soon.

UPDATE: Xfire has updated news about the situation as you can read on the site.

Titan Gaming acquires Xfire.

August 2, 2010–Titan Gaming acquires Xfire.

Titan will be taking on the Xfire name, with a focus towards ongoing innovation in the gaming space. The Xfire services will continue uninterrupted for its users. Xfire redefined how gamers communicate, Titan intends to build upon this tradition and utilize the Xfire platform to help gaming companies better engage their users. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon the Xfire service.

— Raincrow

well lets see how all of this is going to turn out.

Mel Gibson 2 more rant leaked tapes


there are 2 more leaked tapes, just when you think it couldn’t be any worse.

Tape #4.

Tape #5.

When will it ever stop?

Mel Gibson is f*ing nuts


but funny I might add :P

now I dont really know what the deal about all this is but he just went crazy and rant at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.
there are 3 tapes now, of this long conversation!?

in this first tape he talks about here fake boobs and makes a racist comment.

in the second tape he threatens to kill her.

and in this third tape well he screams some more and curses allot.

so what do you think about his actions? is he really set up? well i don’t know, but i do know this is some funny stuff :P

Katy Perry Kissed A Girl


and of course she liked it, but we liked it even more :P

after leaving a photoshoot in Paris she kissed her female friend right on the lips.

Ps. in this heat wave we’re in right now, this isn’t helping much.

so damn cute…


Now tell me, can you still kill it when its so damn cute?

damn you Bp oil leave him alone…

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