Koreaboo Global Cube Audition


Maybe you have already heard about this, its Cube Entertainment’s Global Audition 2011.

It is something like Idiols but then on the internet, people can enter the audition by making a video and uploading it to youtube.

The reason why i like it is because everyone can enter no matter where you are from or what age you are.

A girl that is also auditioning for it is a 16 years old Malaysian girl named Nurfatihah binti Zainal Youtube name: GotHicGurlZ95

She tweeted me her video so of course i watched and i must say that she can really sing and has a beautiful voice.

I wish her the best luck and hope she will enter the finals.

Check out her video:

Don’t be so hastily.


So this Brazilian videos shows a woman crossing the street, probably walking to her car or something. But she founds out that its not really that smart to actually walk on the street than on the side walk.

She gets hit by a car and get thrown 40 feet into the air and lands on the street again.

Now what is so unbelievable is, is that she doesn’t have any major injuries!? really? damn now thats some luck.

If something like this would happen to you what would you do after it? live your life like never before? or something else?

Keep on listening.


Since I heard this remix today I couldn’t stop listening to it :P

not even joking im still listening to it at the moment.

its a remix of the song:

Far East Movement – Like A G6

Created by RexRowdee his youtube channel is rexrowdee

now if you dont like asian music that much than this might not bee something for you to listen to.

for those that do like it, give him some mad respect because this guy sure knows music.

Also for those who wanna know who the hot chick in the red dress is, her name is Erica Ocampo.
you really should google some pictures of her.

Justin Bieber VS Water Bottle (Autotune Remix)


Now if you are somewhat on the Internet then you must have seen that video where Justin Bieber gets hit by a water bottle.

Now someone has created an Autotune Remix and it makes it even funnier.

I can say that this video is going viral and will get over millions of views by the end of the week.

In this fight there can only be one winner. Justin Bieber vs The Water Bottle
and its pretty clear the water bottle won the fight :P 1-0 for the water bottle. sorry Justin better luck next time.

PS. at least he didn’t got a shoe thrown at him like Bush got.
PPS. Will the water bottle gets his own facebook page? I wonder :roll:

UPDATE: I just had to make a animated gif out of this :P

Just right-click it and save image if you want :)

Lukeywes1234 A.K.A. The King, has returned!


He is hurt and he wants revenge.
Its been a long time since we last saw him but on July 27, 2010 he uploaded a new video where he talks about his crazy plan to take revenge. lets just hope he wont get to crazy which his crazy plan.

If you don’t know who he is and what this is all about then check Know Your Meme for all the info.
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Mel Gibson’s animated phone call rant


this video was tweeted to by by the maker himself and i thought it was damn hilarious so I’m posting it right away :P

its created by Small Poppy Productions

be sure to check out his youtube channel and twitter. click on the icons below. he got some pretty funny videos so don’t forget to check them out :D and give him the respect he deserves.

Rapping Weatherman


Now this is pretty funny, and I must say he surely did a very good job.

Maybe this can be a new thing or something?

Borgasm (by houseofshiny)


best video i have seen in awhile. this could be because of the cursing, but hey I fucking like it :P

Paranormal Activity 2


After seeing the first one I really hope this will get much better.

for me the first movie was boring not allot of stuff happened. so lets hope for the best i guess?

here’s a trailer, not so scary though.

Family Guy short video’s



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