Minecraft free-to-play weekend. I’m really enjoying it.


Minecraft, who hasn’t heard from it by now!?

Today I thought that it was finally time for me to check it out and see what all these people were talking about.
When I visited the Minecraft site it seemed that the creator is busy with updates and has officially called off a “free-to-play weekend” for everyone until everything is fixed again.
so of course I had to check it out now, so I went to minecraftforum.net to find me a server and the first post (you can find the post here) was from a person that was also looking for a good server to play on, and someone (the server creator) responded to him with this server: mc.3gdev.com
Now I guess I wont have to tell you what I did next, of course i went straight to that server to check it out and I’m certainly glad I did :)

The game mode is Survival Mode.
But unlike other server this one doesn’t have enemies because the server software doesn’t support health, meaning that you do have health but you simple cant die so basically their is no use to put enemies in the game when you cant die. But this will be fixed later on so keep an eye out for that part.

Now some information about the creator of this server.

The server is created by the Swedish 28 year old Ein Andersson in-game known as einand.
He started the server at first to just have a server where he could play with his pirated version of the game.
Later on when the server started to grow up he closed his server to then switch over to a legit server that now is created on September 16.

He is hoping that his server will get more players and eventually his goal is to create a real big mmorpg server.

My personal experience on this server is great.
As soon as I connected I was warmly welcomed by the server creator “einand” and the admins x4n3 and dos3rnd.
They all work great together to keep the server fun and alive and entertaining to everyone.
Since this was my first time playing Minecraft they were kind enough to explain me a couple of things and I even got a whole tour across the map by Ein (einand) himself :) now he only showed me the main parts if you just go and walk, it will take you 90 real life days to walk from edge to edge. There is a water bridge available if you have a boat so it will go faster but still it will take you 20 days to get across.

My conclusion is that this server is wonderful to play on and I had a great time, and you will certainly find me here more often :D

Here are some screen shots I took around this map to just give you a quick example:

I hope more people will go and visit this great server so it can grown even more.

There is allot of undiscovered terrain so you don’t have to worry about space or anything :) So come quick and be the first to discover all kinds of things across the map.

Free To Play Weekend is still active so be quick to play for free only this weekend.

An Iphone App I Love.


Now since im back and i have an Iphone 4 why not start with a post about my favorite Iphone app’s

Okay so I don’t really have that many, but still.

You may know the photography app Camera+ now I didnt had my iphone yet so i really wanted to finally get it so I could use Camera+

To bad i didn’t bought the app before I got my Iphone :( as soon as I got it the Camera+ app was deleted from the app store.

Now even though I still want that app to come back so I can use I did find a good alternative.


Right now its my favorite photography app.

You can get a couple of different lenses and film’s which makes it great to use.

You can see the Camera Gear HERE

I like to use the John S Lens together with the Kodot Verichrome Film.

this lens gives a nice dark kinda look to the photo’s and the film creates a worn off edge to the photo.

I really do like because this way you can create some sort of horror looking photo or something really abandonment.

Get The App Here

Even though I like this app so much I still try out allot of other photography app’s and I really hope that the Camera+ app will come back soon.

It’s been too long…


I have been away for quit a while but now im back (I hope)

The reason for my absence is pretty easy actually, a new school year started so of course I was pretty nervous.

But the main reason is that I lost all my inspiration, I couldnt think of anything to post anymore I had no more ideas so it was easier to just quit with everything.

Now that im back I hope to get more posting done and give everyone something they want.

There’s not much to tell more I guess?! well I got an Iphone 4 so I hope to start making some videos again but mostly nice photo’s that’s were im aiming for the most :)

I just saw that its been over a month since my last post O.o damn. btw when I was gone I also played allot of Cube 2 Sauerbraten :P

Well, hope no one is hating me for just being gone.

Thank you.

Free Game: Cube 2 Sauerbraten


Its friday again, and I have a sweet free game for you :P

The game is called Cube 2 Sauerbraten. it is a multiplayer first-person shooter.

NOW for those using a MacOS X or Linux dont have to be sad because this game is also for the MacOS X and Linux. Isn’t that nice? :)

Before I talk more about this game check this video out first.

And? do you like it already?
Its a great fun multiplayer game to do. Basically you have the same standard game modes in this game you will find in any other game:

Justin Bieber VS Water Bottle (Autotune Remix)


Now if you are somewhat on the Internet then you must have seen that video where Justin Bieber gets hit by a water bottle.

Now someone has created an Autotune Remix and it makes it even funnier.

I can say that this video is going viral and will get over millions of views by the end of the week.

In this fight there can only be one winner. Justin Bieber vs The Water Bottle
and its pretty clear the water bottle won the fight :P 1-0 for the water bottle. sorry Justin better luck next time.

PS. at least he didn’t got a shoe thrown at him like Bush got.
PPS. Will the water bottle gets his own facebook page? I wonder :roll:

UPDATE: I just had to make a animated gif out of this :P

Just right-click it and save image if you want :)

Free Game: TimeStill


TimeStill is an freeware indie game created by Zack Banack.

You need to collect these floating shiny things without getting killed by all those objects.

By pressing Z you can freeze time and for instance jump on bullets to make your way to the top and get the shiny thingy.

If you have a blurry screen or some other graphical problem then press “1” this will change the effects.

Download or Quick Play from your browser at Gamejolt.

FMM: Arctica – EP by Subvader


Its time again for Free Music Monday.

for this week i have some dupstep, electro kinda music for you.

The music is created by Peter Wiley, also known as Subvader.

You can find him at the following links:

And his site can be found HERE.

If you liked his music then let him now and show your respect.

Lets celebrate the weekend!


Now I have posted 2 games for the weekend but what about the music?

I just came across this perfect Track for the weekend and its free.

Free Game: Area 51


For those that stay at home on their Saturday night not knowing what to do. Well ill be telling you know what you can do.

Area 51

A game created by Midway Studios Austin and released by Midway Games in 2005.

Its a first-person shooter where you play as Ethan Cole a member of an hazmat team.

You and your team need to investigate some sort of outbreak inside Area 51. I surely like it that David Duchovny is doing the voice for Ethan Cole (the guy you play)

Later on the game has been released as freeware sponsored by the United States Air Force, but later on they changed it back again and the freeware status was removed.

But you can still download this game as freeware.

Free Full PC Game Download (1.93 GB):

Strategy Informer
Big Download

Now if you are a bit of a gamer you finish this game pretty quick, but that doesn’t mean that you wont have fun :P

Killing Aliens is fun and in this game you need to kill allot of those bastards. well also mutated people but thats because of the aliens.

Area 51 – Cinematic Cut

Now if you want to know more about this game just go check the wikipedia page HERE

Free Game: Grand Theft Auto 2


Its Friday, last day of the week. So lets start this weekend with a free game.

Grand Theft Auto 2.

I was always playing this game when I was younger. I barely knew what the game was about and I didnt even know anything about those missions you had to do. I just played it for fun, I was always killing people and well just the normal standard stuff you do in a GTA game really.

As many of people already might know Rockstar Games now offers the PC version as registerware for free download at their website.

You just need to fill in a simple form and once you submitted it a download link will be send to your email.

For download and more info go to Rockstar Classics

When GTA 2 came out they also released a short live-action movie of eight-minutes for promoting the game.

Have fun gaming this weekend.

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