I cant believe it and I shouldn’t.

A long time I wondered why no one was commenting on any of my posts. Now last week i saw that Akismet (a spam filter) had blocked over 40 comments.

Now i just thought they were actually spam comments but now i am sure they weren’t so i just deleted Akismet and im glad i did.

As you may have seen i use Disqus comment system since i think its really nice also i used Akismet which shouldnt be a problem at all and it wasn’t.

Now of course with plug-ins you get updates so yes i did update Disqus a couple of time and now i just saw that Disqus disabled Akismet for spam protection so thats why Akismet said those comments were spam and i lost all those comments :(

So i want to apologize to everyone that commented before on anything on my site and i hope you will comment again since everything does work properly now. :)