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My Grand Theft Auto IV Mods


In the beginning when Gran Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) just got out, I played it just a little bit and then started to make some mods.
the mods I created are pretty simple but i made them anyway since there weren’t much mods in the beginning. I barely knew anything about making mods and changing those files so I couldn’t make anything difficult.

So after more then a year since I created them and since I have my own site now I thought why not just post them here :P

NOTE: that these mods are old but they still work, and I don’t make mods anymore and I don’t care about them anymore. So don’t expect technical support from me if you have problems with them, Google is you best friend.
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Mel Gibson 2 more rant leaked tapes


there are 2 more leaked tapes, just when you think it couldn’t be any worse.

Tape #4.

Tape #5.

When will it ever stop?

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