For those that stay at home on their Saturday night not knowing what to do. Well ill be telling you know what you can do.

Area 51

A game created by Midway Studios Austin and released by Midway Games in 2005.

Its a first-person shooter where you play as Ethan Cole a member of an hazmat team.

You and your team need to investigate some sort of outbreak inside Area 51. I surely like it that David Duchovny is doing the voice for Ethan Cole (the guy you play)

Later on the game has been released as freeware sponsored by the United States Air Force, but later on they changed it back again and the freeware status was removed.

But you can still download this game as freeware.

Free Full PC Game Download (1.93 GB):

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Now if you are a bit of a gamer you finish this game pretty quick, but that doesn’t mean that you wont have fun :P

Killing Aliens is fun and in this game you need to kill allot of those bastards. well also mutated people but thats because of the aliens.

Area 51 – Cinematic Cut

Now if you want to know more about this game just go check the wikipedia page HERE