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Skyrim Sylgja Disappearing Bug


So there is a bug where Sylgja somehow disappears from the game, this happened to me as well on the pc and using console commands like prid refid or moveto didn’t work either she was absolutely gone from the game it seemed.

What I did to make her reappear (by accident) i broke into her house and slept in her bed for 8 or 12 hours and when I woke up she was standing in-front of the door.

Hopefully this will work for other people to on the pc and game console…

[Windows 7]Sticky Taskbar Icon Highlight.


Somehow in Windows 7 icons in your taskbar may stay highlighted for unknown reasons, or maybe known but i just dont know of.

Anyway heres the quick little fix that will most certainly work.

When you are having this issue then simple hold down SHIFT and RIGHT-CLICK on a icon in your taskbar and they wont stick on highlighting anymore.

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