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Lets celebrate the weekend!


Now I have posted 2 games for the weekend but what about the music?

I just came across this perfect Track for the weekend and its free.

Free Game: Grand Theft Auto 2


Its Friday, last day of the week. So lets start this weekend with a free game.

Grand Theft Auto 2.

I was always playing this game when I was younger. I barely knew what the game was about and I didnt even know anything about those missions you had to do. I just played it for fun, I was always killing people and well just the normal standard stuff you do in a GTA game really.

As many of people already might know Rockstar Games now offers the PC version as registerware for free download at their website.

You just need to fill in a simple form and once you submitted it a download link will be send to your email.

For download and more info go to Rockstar Classics

When GTA 2 came out they also released a short live-action movie of eight-minutes for promoting the game.

Have fun gaming this weekend.

FMM: Naysayer and Gilsun are in Space



FMM is something I came up with, it means Free Music Monday. I will try to post free music every monday if I can (and if I find good music)

PS. If you come across a good album or track or what so ever let me know by sending me a message on twitter or via the contact form and ill check it out and post it :)

I came across this awesome mash-up album, its free to download so thats awesome and I really enjoyed listening to it, thats even better. So I thought it would be great for Music Monday.

The album is called: “Naysayer and Gilsun are in Space” by Naysayer and Gilsun.

Here’s a little bit of info from their myspace:

Melbourne mashup duo Luke “Naysayer” Neher and Sam “Gilsun” Gill take the old and dusty and make it fresh. The pair began DJing house parties in late 2008 and released their debut mixtape “Naysayer And Gilsun Are In Love” a few months later. The mix blends together best parts of fifty years of pop music and jumps between it as impatiently and energetically as a six year-old after a large glass of red cordial. One second you hear Paul Simon providing back-up for Missy Elliott, then it’s Atlanta gangster rappers jamming with the Who, climaxing in a dance floor remix of Mozart. Take it too seriously and you’ll miss out.

Listen and download below:

For more links check their site HERE and to download their older mix CLICK HERE

My Grand Theft Auto IV Mods


In the beginning when Gran Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) just got out, I played it just a little bit and then started to make some mods.
the mods I created are pretty simple but i made them anyway since there weren’t much mods in the beginning. I barely knew anything about making mods and changing those files so I couldn’t make anything difficult.

So after more then a year since I created them and since I have my own site now I thought why not just post them here :P

NOTE: that these mods are old but they still work, and I don’t make mods anymore and I don’t care about them anymore. So don’t expect technical support from me if you have problems with them, Google is you best friend.
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