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Skyrim Sylgja Disappearing Bug


So there is a bug where Sylgja somehow disappears from the game, this happened to me as well on the pc and using console commands like prid refid or moveto didn’t work either she was absolutely gone from the game it seemed.

What I did to make her reappear (by accident) i broke into her house and slept in her bed for 8 or 12 hours and when I woke up she was standing in-front of the door.

Hopefully this will work for other people to on the pc and game console…

Free Game: Grand Theft Auto 2


Its Friday, last day of the week. So lets start this weekend with a free game.

Grand Theft Auto 2.

I was always playing this game when I was younger. I barely knew what the game was about and I didnt even know anything about those missions you had to do. I just played it for fun, I was always killing people and well just the normal standard stuff you do in a GTA game really.

As many of people already might know Rockstar Games now offers the PC version as registerware for free download at their website.

You just need to fill in a simple form and once you submitted it a download link will be send to your email.

For download and more info go to Rockstar Classics

When GTA 2 came out they also released a short live-action movie of eight-minutes for promoting the game.

Have fun gaming this weekend.

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