Now since im back and i have an Iphone 4 why not start with a post about my favorite Iphone app’s

Okay so I don’t really have that many, but still.

You may know the photography app Camera+ now I didnt had my iphone yet so i really wanted to finally get it so I could use Camera+

To bad i didn’t bought the app before I got my Iphone :( as soon as I got it the Camera+ app was deleted from the app store.

Now even though I still want that app to come back so I can use I did find a good alternative.


Right now its my favorite photography app.

You can get a couple of different lenses and film’s which makes it great to use.

You can see the Camera Gear HERE

I like to use the John S Lens together with the Kodot Verichrome Film.

this lens gives a nice dark kinda look to the photo’s and the film creates a worn off edge to the photo.

I really do like because this way you can create some sort of horror looking photo or something really abandonment.

Get The App Here

Even though I like this app so much I still try out allot of other photography app’s and I really hope that the Camera+ app will come back soon.