It’s already been 3 weeks since the minecraft server started.
Time sure does fly when you have fun doesn’t it.
Allot of things have grown in these past 3 weeks. we have build allot of things, also our expertise has grown allot bigger and we are still growing as we speak.

When you first join the server you will find yourself in the spawn town called Silent Fall, thanks to all the great players this town has grown bigger and bigger by the day.
When you are here you will acquire the trusted status. With this status you also get your own protected property of choice meaning that only you can build there and no one can destroy it, sounds great right? Your own property where you can build what you want.

At the moment we have around 15 players which of only 2-3 are playing at the same time.
We would sincerely like for you to join our community in Silent Fall to build these numbers up sky high.
But why just Silent Fall? Why not just your own city, well if you like you certainly can do that if you would like to, actually we would love for you to do so.

The server is moderated by two friendly and welcoming administrators, the first one is the very own Einand who actually owns the server and there is Tix92. Together there is nothing these guys can’t or won’t do. also there are some helpers around, those people will help you build when you need them to, they will make your stay as enjoyable and lovably as it can be.

When we trust you enough you will receive the ability to teleport and warp so you travels will be faster than ever, this will also keep the fun in the game.

The goal is to create one of the best RPG server out there, to accomplish this we do need your help so join our server and invite as many friends as possible.

There aren’t any rules really, only that you shall not destroy others work and if someone steals from you that would be your own fault since we provide you with your own protected zone so leave your stuff in there so no one else can steal it.

Now a word from Einand himself
I’ll try to make the server as free as possible, I just want people to enjoy their stay on my server. I go by the motto “ If you can do something wrong I failed as an admin”

Nice said Einand.
So what are you waiting for? You are done reading this so now it’s time for you to join one of the better and most friendly Minecraft servers out there.

Join now.


Now I could add some screen-shots but I wont, you can now see the whole map HERE