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FMM: Arctica – EP by Subvader


Its time again for Free Music Monday.

for this week i have some dupstep, electro kinda music for you.

The music is created by Peter Wiley, also known as Subvader.

You can find him at the following links:

And his site can be found HERE.

If you liked his music then let him now and show your respect.

FMW: Radio Fryer by Mike Relm


Free Music Wednesday? what is going on?

okay so its not monday, I know. but Mike Relm just tweeted:

Just uploaded ‘Radio Fryer’, my first mix circa ’05. Might be new to some of you!

So I went directly to that site to check it out and well, while im writing this post at the moment im listening to that mix

You need to be logged in to be able to download the mix. If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry its real easy and simple to create one.

Soulja Boy is following me on twitter?


I just had a WTF moment when I checked my email and saw that Soulja Boy was following me on twitter.

now i really dont know why he would follow me and for how long, or if this was an accident or not but I think its pretty damn funny :P kinda kewl also i might add.

Mel Gibson’s animated phone call rant


this video was tweeted to by by the maker himself and i thought it was damn hilarious so I’m posting it right away :P

its created by Small Poppy Productions

be sure to check out his youtube channel and twitter. click on the icons below. he got some pretty funny videos so don’t forget to check them out :D and give him the respect he deserves.

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